About LOLO
We are a company with dreams and passion

Qingdao LOLO is the leading designer and supplier of grooved fittings and pipes since 2002. Man-powered with professional technicians, equipped with most advanced casting, milling, painting and assembling facilities, we're providing people with faster work, increasing safety and maximized efficiency.

LOLO Stock

Before production

Raw material selection and inspection, to assure raw materials are qualified.

During production

Advanced rolling mills and skilled workers, with on-line quality control and inspection.

Finished production

Certified test is a must for clients to keep confidence on products, and take next step. We follow standards for spot testing or pre-shipment inspection.

Seaworthy packaging

Excellent packaging is a crucial step for preventing goods from damage during transportation. It guarantees pipe and fittings delivered to clients’ hand as per required quality and surface.

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